Ilić, Orehovec & Partners is a law firm providing comprehensive legal assistance to Croatian and foreign clients with a variety of transactions, projects and disputes, from all areas of law, with special emphasis on commercial law, company law, banking and finance. The speed of our expansion is a reflection of our clients’ trust and proof they recognize us as a reliable partner for the resolution of their everyday business problems and as support in the most complex transactions and projects and restructuring at times of crises. Our guiding principle is the provision of services of the highest standard, oriented towards fast, business, practical solutions.

Our goal is the success of our clients. We help you achieve success by providing services in keeping with the highest ethical and professional values.


There is no room for compromise in the quality of our services. Every service will be provided in its entirety and on time, by offering appropriate legal advice, in line with the highest professional and ethical standards.


We take pride in the expertise of our employees. We take care to keep up with the broadest and latest case law and professional literature to give you appropriate and complete legal advice.


A lawyer’s main duty is loyalty
to his/her client. That is why the client always comes first.


Service must be oriented to
practical solutions in keeping with the business needs of our clients.


Sometimes there are no fast and easy solutions, but giving up is never an option.


We will fulfil all undertaken
obligations in full and on time. This is our way of honouring your trust.